Resources to help you Recover from Narcissist & Domestic Abuse

Red & Green Flags

What are the Red & Green Flags of an Abusive & Healthy Relationship Quiz.

Mindset Checklist

Mindset Checklist! Preparing to Attend Family Court with a Narcissist.

Leaving Checklist

Safety Planning! Checklist to help you prepare to leave an abusive relationship.


Helping Teenagers

Teenagers & Abusive Relationships. Help your teenager know the signs of an Abusive Relationship.

Family Court

Preparing for Family Court eBook. All you need to know when going to Court with a Narcissist.

Looking for support? We offer coaching and counselling programs for Men and Women, who want to “Heal, Grow, Revive, and Thrive”.  

Zoe is fantastic - would highly recommend to anyone recovering from narc abuse.

Ben H

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