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Healthy Relationships for Teenagers

Here is your handout that contains the 3 main steps you need to take to keep your teenager safe from abuse.

To summarise the 3 steps are as follows

Step 1

Educate yourself and your teenager about the red flags of an abusive person.

Step 2

Know the difference between a healthy vs abusive relationship.

Step 1

Learn how to set and implement boundaries

Zoe Parsons

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Zoe Parsons

"I cannot thank Zoe enough for the day she listened quietly to my story and gave me her help and strength."

If you feel like you need some additional support, and you would like to speak with me about how you can keep your teenager safe from getting into an abusive relationship, then click on the link below to book your FREE 15 minute video consultation with me.

Self Love After Abuse Narcisist Abuse Recovery Coaching

Zoe Parsons, Life & Relationship Coach

Expert in Recovery from Domestic and Narcissist Abuse

Zoe Parsons Domestic Abuse Recovery Counselling
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