Resources to help your Healing &  Recovery from Narcissist & Domestic Abuse


Red & Green Flags

What are the Red & Green Flags of an Abusive & Healthy Relationship? Download the free quiz to find out.

Open Notebook

Mindset Checklist

Prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. Checklist to help you prepare for Family Court with a narcissist.

Pen and folders

Leaving Safely Guide

Safety Planning! Step by Step Guide to help you prepare to leave an abusive relationship safely.

Mother and Son

Helping Teenagers

Teenagers & Abusive Relationships. Help your teenager know the signs of an abusive relationship.

Judges Examining Document

Advice for Family Court

Preparing for Family Court eBook. All you need to know when going to Court with a narcissist.

Smart Phone Call

Free Voice Support Group

Connect with others going through a similar experience in a free, voice only, professionally-led support group.

Looking for support? We offer video coaching and counselling programs for Men and Women, who want to “Heal, Grow, Revive, and Thrive”.  

Zoe is fantastic - would highly recommend to anyone recovering from narc abuse.

Ben H

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